An Equine Major Turning Specialist

Not to long ago, I graduated from college with a Equine Science degree. I picked this major not fully understanding what job options I would have after college, but did so mostly based on my passion for horses, all aspects of horses.

When I first got out of school, I couldn’t find a job in the Equine services industry that could pay me enough to live on my own. All decent paying jobs required years of experience, or basically, being a specialist in some area.

Unfortunately I had to take the route of getting a job outside of my field of study and field of passion. I currently work at a call center, but I do, thankfully, have plenty of time to volunteer my time with several organizations. My goal is to identify and start working towards the development of specialized skills, that will make me more valuable in the Equine industry.

This will be an expensive journey, opportunity costs-wise, as I’ll have to forgo a lot of¬†social interactions¬†with my friends, and even ability to make more money. But my ultimate goal, to work in this field will be so worth it. This is my passion. I didn’t do get an Equine Science degree for nothing!

I will share my progress here. Typically I share these little stories with friends and family in person or through email. This will help me consolidate my progress over the years.