A Decision Had To Be Made

I wasn’t able to sleep well knowing my plan wasn’t working. I wasn’t asking for much, and I just wanted so very badly to start gaining experiences that I would help lead me to a bigger and better opportunity. I figured instead of trying to figure out how to maneuver my way out of a bad situation, I would spend the time trying to find solutions. This was based on the advice from my wise grandfather.

It wasn’t hard to identify the issues that I had in my volunteering job. In the matter of seconds, I realized that I was free labor. I didn’t offer any skills. My value was the fact that I was free. And for me, this wasn’t such a bad deal, because I would be able to claim all of the experiences I had amassed as general experiences in my quest to become a equine specialist.

I never felt like my attitude was bad, but I will admit that it wasn’t great. More so because I thought I deserved more. Really, I just wanted more, but didn’t necessarily deserve it yet.

The remaining time I spent at the facility wasn’t so bad. I was assigned just about every cleaning tasks on the property, from horse stalls to bathrooms and even the office areas. Do this dirty work helped me understand the operations of the facility at a very intimate level. This helped me learned the lingo and buzz words, that would lead to my next opportunity, which was actually a paid deal.

clean horse stall

Before leaving the facility, I found replacements for all of my jobs. The replacements included two volunteers and a cleaning company called a cleaning service to take over the cleaning operations at the facility. I was proud knowing that my work had to be replaced by two people and a company. I did a lot for that place and to this day I’m unsure if they appreciated what I brought to the table. I do, without question appreciate what I learned there.

Lastly, we contacted to have our  forklift repaired by Equipment Maintenance Technicians. They provide equipment repair on all of the machines that we could not handle ourselves. It was great to have all of that completed, and leave knowing I put them in the best situation possible.